Starting with the Globalization Era which is now worldwide, inspired by the wide variety of cultures and skills in Indonesia, Syoobe was born as a marketplace that can sell various products, digital products and services, making it easier for people to increase their income.

Syoobe is an electronic commerce company that offers sales of physical products and digital products. The company, which was founded on December 13, 2019, prioritizes technological advances, thus providing a means for digital artists to sell their work, either in digital products that can be directly downloaded or in services.

Realizing that the Indonesian people are creative people who can make extraordinary things, Syoobe will become a platform for selling digital products that can be directly downloaded without a complicated process. arts, culture and technology.

Syoobe, a Digital Market that Supports the Creative Economy

Syoobe is a digital market where traders can gather to sell their works in the form of various products, digital products, and services to make it easier for buyers to find the desired artwork. The door of opportunity to become a vendor at Syoobe is wide open for all Indonesian people with various age, educational, and experience backgrounds. With a variety of products that can be traded, Syoobe is expected to become a digital market that can be relied on by creative economy enthusiasts, both as buyers and sellers.

Online trading has become commonplace for people globally. Indonesian people are already very proficient in online-based economic activities and the presence of Syoobe will further support creative economy actors to get opportunities to improve their standard of living.

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Seeing that all activities can be done digitally in this era, Syoobe was born as one of the marketplaces that has a vision of the work of the Children of the Nation, where there are so many talents both in terms of art, culture, IT that can be developed into a business that can be used as a driving force for the economy. Indonesia where place and time are no longer a dividing wall.


Syoobe has a mission as a place or a means to grow together, Especially Kawula Young people who are so energetic with so many brilliant ideas, Syoobe invites and invites through the participation of all small, medium and large entrepreneurs, both local craftsmen, cooperatives to entrust their products their efforts, both physical products and Digital products to grow with Syoobe.